6 Hottest Shopping Places In Guwahati

Guwahati has evolved as the gateway for the travellers who want to explore the eastern India.The city boasts large malls , multiplex cinema halls and business centres.

We found the city enjoyable for the street shoppers too.The visitors to this city often buy handicrafts , Tea Bags , bamboo products , clothes and Assamese delicacies.

The best thing about this city is that it offers variety of shopping options ranging from budget shopping to up market exclusive goods.

Check out these hot and happening places in Guwahati for shopping.

1Fancy Bazaar

Jaapi can be used as a wall decoration item.

Fancy Bazaar is the most popular market in Guwahati for all sorts.It is considered a budget shopping hub for street shoppers and there are specific pockets for soft toys , tribal jewelry , wooden stuffs and gift shops.The famous items of Assam like - Jaapi (a kind of round bamboo cap) , Gamcha (thin towel) , Assamese sari and bamboo pickles can be purchased from here.There are other specialties like Tambul/ Betel nut products and copper utensils which can be collected for gift purposes.At CM complex you can buy artificial flowers , wind chimes , hand bags , soft toys , tribal jewellery , photo frames and clay artifacts from the whole sellers at reasonable prices.When you feel exhausted head over to the small eateries selling steamy momos coupled with hot refreshing assam tea.Vegetarians too , can enjoy cuisines at popular restaurants like Khusboo and JBS.Sweets can be purchased from popular shops like Madhu Kunj , Sharma Sweets and Rookman.

2Paan Bazaar

Mekhla Sador can be purchased from Paan Bazaar

Paan Bazaar is another popular market of Guwahati.This market is a book lovers delight with a number of book shops and publications where you can hunt for novels , rare books and academic books.It also has shops selling Mekhla Chadar (Assamese sari) which is a very popular region specific item made out of Muga or Pat silk.There is a park called Nehru Park to sit and relax and some good restaurants to enjoy the delicacies of the east.The popular places like Cotton College and Digholy Pukhuri (lake) is also located nearby.

3Paltan Bazaar

Bamboo products are popular offerings of this market.

This Guwahati market is famous for furniture's and home decoration materials.You can shop bamboo products , north eastern tribal garments and all sorts of tea varieties at this place.India Tea House at GMC market is a popular place to collect tea items.

The restaurants in this bazaar serve assamese dishes like masor bah gos,tenga,laru and pithas.

Articles and toys made from clay, wood, bamboo and a mixture of cloth and mud are the memorable items to collect from the shops.Please remember that this market falls nearby to railway station making it crowded , busy and congested.

4GS Road

Night view of GS Road Market

GS or the Guwahati Shillong road is the up market of Guwahati commonly visited by affluent and influential sections of the city.

The place houses many branded show rooms and shopping malls.The outlets of KFC , JB's are located in this place.

5Ganesh Gudi

A restaurant in Ganesh Gudi

Ganesh Gudi is another shopping hub which falls next to GMC road.

The attractions of this market are footwear’s, crockeries ,hardware items, food ,music stores, house hold items and clothes.It is visited by tourists from India and abroad and you can taste the Assamese food along with other northeast Indian, Chinese, Continental cuisines here.

The market encircles entertainment places like cinema halls , pubs and clubs.The places like Barista, Coffee Cafe Day and Dispur Dhaba are very famous for all types of Indian cuisines.

The market derives its name after Ganesh Temple located to its south end.

6Maligaon Market

Enjoy the taste of Momo at Maligaon Guwahati

Maligaon falls very near to Kamakhya railway station.This market is known for Bangla specific articles.

The Bangla food is quite popular among people of Bengali origin. Steamed momos can also be traced here.

You can buy fresh elys fish from the markets.There are popular restaurants like Biryani Centre , Sikha Resturant , Maligaon Famous Paratha Shop , Shree and Mohan's