Rainy season , to many parts of India , marks the end of dry heat and scorching summer that sweeps across the country.It is also the beginning of agricultural activities in India.In this season many parts of India experiences flood and landslides and tourist activity remains slow in Northen and Eastern India.However , India is a country of diversity ! , and there are still numerous places to explore in rainy season.Check this out !


Gateway of India in Rainy Season

Mumbai is definitely a city of dreams, a city of lights, and a city full of buzzing life. Being an army officer’s daughter we were always packing boxes and shifting to new a city in every two years. But Mumbai was different, refreshing and beautiful. And does total justice to the saying "once you are in this city you would never want to leave".

But Mumbai is most beautiful during rainy season. Being surrounded with ocean water makes it the best place to visit during rainy season. The Marine Drive also popularly known as the Queen’s Necklace, Bandra Bandstand and a recent addition Bandra-Worli sea link are a must visit. And if you are a fan of beaches, Mumbai has it all, Chaupati and Juhu beach are always a favorite.

The reason Mumbai tops my list is because travelling is very convenient around the city at very reasonable prices. Causeway and Bandra Linking road are great places for your ladies to shop saving lot of green notes in your wallet more than you anticipate keeping both you and your lady happy.


Lonavala in Rainy Season

Lonavala is in the neighborhood of Mumbai. Most Mumbaikars looking for little adventurous trekking trip, head to Lonavala. It’s a three hour journey from Mumbai. And the city is at its best during rainy season. Lonavala is full of green lush foggy hills, which is a refreshing sight to watch post all the lights of the Mumbai city.

And the waterfalls just make it worth climbing the hills. Lonavala is a small city, so the trip is rather short. It offers lot of sightseeing and sunset points.

But what makes it a hit is the road trip. There aren’t much travelling facilities so mostly people arrange their own vehicles. So a road trip to Lonavala, then trekking, splash in the waterfall then probably stay the night in a hotel and next morning another road trip heading back to your home which makes its total fun package and a hell of a trip.


Pondicherry in Rainy Season

Pondicherry is a seaside city and is best in rainy season. But it is not just famous for the beaches or ground floor hotel rooms with wide glass windows facing the beaches it provides a unique mix of cultural heritage.

Pondicherry is most popularly known for its French connection and hence called the Europe of India. The irony of this city is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and low taxes on liquor. Aurobindo Ashram is where people go for mental health and peace. Also this city is known for less expensive booze. Well you go for the former or the latter is entirely your choice. Auroville the city of dawn and Botanical Garden is a must visit. Apart from this the city is full of historical monuments, statues, museums, gardens, parks, Hindu temples, churches and mosques. So if you plan on coming to Pondicherry you might want this one to be a long vacation.


Goa in Rainy Season

You think vacation you think Goa. There is no one who can ever get enough of this city. Goa is just perfect no matter what the season is, whether it’s a two days trip, one week trip or even a month.The beaches, the boat rides, the long chain of restaurants, the fish fries and the alcohol. But during rainy season it’s less crowded. The ambiance of the city is softer calmer in contrast to its usual party mood. So if you’re looking for a break and too tired to party, head to Goa during rainy season.


Jagannath Rath Yatra Starts in Rainy Season

Puri Puri is a religious city. It is famous for Jagannath temple and it has always made me very curious regarding the stories that revolve around it. The devadasis of Jagannath dance for him. I have heard girls qualified to be devadasis devote their entire life to the god. They never get married and are given special training to be a devadasi. Also when they dance for Jagannath all the rooms are locked and no one gets to see the dance.

During rainy season the Jagannath Rath Yatra starts. This is the most famous festival of the city and partly one of the reasons why you should visit Puri during rainy season. There is also a story behind the Jagannath Rath Yatra. But I can’t give out all the stories here. So leaving that out for you to find out when you decide to visit Puri or you can just Google it to curb your curiosity.

The city is full of ancient temples, history and lots of stories and will prove to be a great visit. And don’t even worry about looking for a right hotel to stay as there are plenty of Hotels with very good price.


Chandigarh in Rainy Season

If you are a big foodie then Chandigarh is the place for you.We know the butter chicken and the tandoori chicken of the Punjab. If you are graving for a road trip and good food on the way then Chandigarh is the best. Not just the city but the entire state is popular for their dhabas and lassies.And the fun of eating the hot delicious food served in these dhabas is heightened during rainy season.

If you plan on going to Chandigarh then do pay a visit to the very famous Golden temple. A trip to Chandigarh is always incomplete without it. Chandigarh is also famous for Rock garden which is more like a maze but you will eventually find your way out. The garden has some really good imaginative art constructions. There is a well constructed waterfall which is the heart of the Garden. You may also visit Rose Garden and Sukhna Lake.

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