6 famous things you must try in Manali

Manali has many unique things that you seldom come across while visiting other places in India.That may range from typical Himachal cuisines to the handicraft items and the himalayan herbs.In-fact you can take a stroll around the area of mall road to explore the city itself.

At the nearby places , adventure sports like paragliding , Hot air baloon , river rafting , trekking is famous among tourists.If on are on a spree to explore the unique items of local Manali check out the articles we have listed below.

1Woolen Clothes / Wooden Handicrafts

Shopping for clothes and Handicrafts of Manali

Woolen items including Kullu shawls & cap , salwar suits with kashmiri embroidered border and paper silk printed saris are popular shopping stuffs .Manali popular shopping places near mall road also includes Tibet market where Tibet art collections and handicrafts are also quite popular among tourists.Wooden items and tribal jewelry also attracts visitors at this place.'Kashmir Gift House' in Rambagh Market on the way to Hidimba temple is one popular shop which sells variety of these items at a reasonable price.

Tip !
  • The cost of salwar suits with kashmiri embroidery in manali local market starts from Rs 300 and you can trace some really good quality suits at around Rs 600.

2Apple /Lingad Pickle

Apple Pickle and Lingad Pickle is a popular local stuff

Pickles made from apples is a stuff you must collect while returning from Manali .The green apples which is available during end of July to the beginning of August is used for preparing mouth watering pickle's.A type of wild asparagus called Lingad is also a local vegetable which is quite popular.As a travel memory you can buy pickle of lingad from grocery shops in manali mall road market.The pickle taste's like french beans that we come across in plains.

3Trout Fish

Famous Trout Fish of Manali

If you are a non-vegetarian , do not forget, to drop by hotels near the mall road of manali to taste the delicasy called 'Trout Fish' . It is a freshwater fish found in Beas river and its tributaries.The fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which reduces risk of heart diseases , stroke and cholesterol.In Manali , the price of this Manali speciality ranges between Rs 300 - Rs 500 depending upon location and dish type.On the other hand , trout fishing trips are also arranged by some adventure sports organisers in Manali under HPTDC day permits.

4Auto Rickshaws

Auto Rikshaw is a common means of transport in Manali town.

Unlike Shimla , auto rickshaws ply in Manali.Although a bit expensive , you can hire them to visit local attractions.Autos charge Rs 70-100 from private bus stand to mall road hotels.The auto rickshaw fare from mall road to the Solang Valley costs around Rs 200 - Rs 300.The autos do not use a meter and there is no separate night fare.


Masseur or Maalishwala's at Mall Road , Manali

The masseur aka Maalishwaala , roam around mall road with their typical massage kit loaded with difference oils to service the tired visitors with a head or leg massage.They charge Rs 100 for a massage but you can negotiate to bring down the price.The hot oil massage is quite relaxing and rejuvenates you to explore more places with jeal.They use natural oils which is prepared locally in Himachal.They can be found after 5PM in the evening.

6Kesar/Shilajit Sellers

A Kesar-Shilajit seller in Manali

There are many vendors walking around at popular spots in Manali trying to sell Kesar , Shilajit and other Himalayan herbs.Kesar is used as a herbal beauty enhancer , as well as , an ingredient in Indian cuisines like kheer,pulav,milk and other items to make it aromatic.Shilajit is found in Himalaya oozing out from the cracks of rocks in the form of a red to dark brown gummy is used to increase libido in men.It also improves sexual health and stamina.Shilajit also has anti aging , stress busting property.



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