5 Jodhpur’s typical traditional food specialty for every foodie’s delight

Jodhpur has a long list of popular traditional cuisines that attracts Indian and foreign tourists who visit this place.In Rajasthan’s dishes red chilies and aromatic spices are very prominent.

1 Mirch Vada

Mirch Vada of Jodhpur

Mirchi bada aka chili cutlet is a spicy Indian snack consisting of chili and potato stuffing.The delicacy is served hot with tomato sauce or occasionally with mint and tamarind chutney.The water of Jodhpur region delivers it a unique taste.

2 Mawa Kachodi

Mawa Kachodi of Jodhpur

Mawa Kachori is a sweet dish from Jodhpur.It is dipped in sugar syrup and is a deep-fried snack filled with dry fruits & khoya.It was first prepared by Late Rawat mal ji Deora in Jodhpur.

3 Dal-Bati-Choorma

Dal-Batti-Churma  of Jodhpur

The Jodhpur dish Dal-Bati-Churma comprises of lentils and hard wheat rolls.Its Dal is served in a small bucket shaped vessel with a red chilli tadka on top, spicy garlic chutney, or with besan (gram flour). It is traditionally prepared by coarsely mashing baati and pouring ghee on top of it.

4 Laal-Maas

Lal Maas of Jodhpur

Laal maans is a mutton curry of Jodhpur prepared in a sauce of curd and hot spices such as red chilies.It is a very popular non-veg recipe here.Even if you miss it here you taste this dish in Udaipur as well.

5 Makhania Lassi

Makhania Lassi of Jodhpur

Makhania Lassi of Jodhpur is prepared with saffron, cardamom and rose-water among the other good things. It is covered with a thick layer of yogurt-cream  and garnered with pistachios e.t.c.

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