Shivalik Deluxe Express - Seating arrangement , food menu and Interior Images

Shivalik Express Train stationed at Kalka Station

Journey to Shimla  is most enjoyable when you travel by a toy train.The best train for this route is Shivalik Deluxe Express (52451).The train on the meter gauge tracks all the way from Kalka to Shimla takes you to a whole new world of enjoyment.It’s a 96 kilometer journey filled with twists and turns passing through valleys , water falls , mountains and numerous tunnels.

52451 Shivalik Deluxe Express Fare and Journey Duration

Shivalik Express has an official stoppage at Barog Station

The most favorable thing about this train is its arrival time in Shimla.The train sets out early in the morning at 5:20 AM from Kalka  and reaches Shimla station at 10 AM , so you can , check in to your hotels in the morning and utilize your whole day in site seeing or exploring the shopping areas of Shimla.

The travel time of this train is also very less.It takes 4 hours and 40 minutes which is next best to Rail Motor – a single carriage train which operates occasionally with a huge rush for tickets.The price of the ticket is also very reasonable and passengers are charged Rs 420 for the whole journey which includes snacks and water on board.

Shivalik Deluxe (Up) Train’s Food Menu

Snacks and Tea is offered in the train towards Shimla as well.

Travel is time is not only the best feature about Shivalik Deluxe but there are other things as well..The food offered in the Shivalik Deluxe train is similar to the one we get in Shatabdi Express where at the breakfast they serve 1 Veg Cutlet , 2 Brown breads , Butter and Jam , Ketchup Sachets.They also offer a mineral water bottle to each passenger on board.

The catering also serves hot water in a thermos which you can use to prepare tea or coffee from tea bags or coffee sachets.The train has no listed stops between the journey from Kalka to Shimla but it does stop at Barog station where passengers are served tea and subsequently breakfast at Solan.

Shivalik Deluxe Openable Windows

Shivalik Deluxe Express train windows can be opened to let fresh air come in

The bigger glass windows of this train offers a panoramic view of the scenery all through the journey and you can open them too.The overhead luggage stand is absent in the train so you need to place your luggage below your seats which have enough height to adjust your belongings.

Shivalik Express Seating Arrangement

Shivalik Express Seating Arrangement animated video

The seat arrangement inside train is cleverly done.You can , in-fact , reverse the orientation of the seats to forward or backward towards the journey direction like the one you see in animated meme.The ambience of the interior is excellent with all wooden work ,curtains ,  portraits  and wall to wall carpeting .The seat arrangement overall very comfortable inside Shivalik Express.

The foldable side table at the window side can be used to place bottles , eatables or similar stuffs.Each coach of Shivalik Express train has 18 passenger seats and there are 7-8 bogies attached.



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