9 Biggest Historic Flop Movies of Bollywood

On an average , there are around 250 movies released in India across all the languages yearly. Out of these films only 10 to 20 movies find its success.In that too some movies will be good in the regional level while others will touch the international fans.Unlike the last decade , Bollywood films now have considerable market abroad and they are released in around 500–600 screens spanning 50–60 countries.Some movies create a big hype but do not make bucks.Unfortunate ones are below..

Neal N Nikki

Neal And Nikki could not launch Uday & Tanisha

First in the list is the 'Neal N Nikki'. This film is represented as Yash Raj’s greatest flop.Yash Raj banner has been known for making musical , sentimental family entertainer flicks but intimate scenes in the film did not quite go well with the audience.

Tanisha and Uday Copra played their lead role. The songs of this movie were a hit but it could not even made profit to a permissible level.It collapsed completely due to the bad story line of the movie.Even the glamor and skin show by Tanisha could not save the film from disaster.

No Smoking

No Smoking was a blink and go movie despite the hype

No Smoking film came and went and nobody knew about it.This film was done by John Abraham as the lead role. This movie did bot create an expectation and also at the same time could not succeeded well. Unfortunately , no one went to the theater and its weird name caused pretty harm to the movie.

Critics labelled the film as boring and worthless , one critic went ahead calling it 'terrible and copied'.It was also said that 'Black Friday' , Anurag Kashyap's debut directorial film hampered this the film as well.

Mangal Pandey

Tampering with the history costed the film dearly

Mangal Pandey was an eagerly awaited film much of it owes to Aamir's star power and historical background. It tells us the story of the historic hero named as Mandel Pandey.The efforts and homework this guy put for the film has ended in vain after the film is not successful. The film had taken more than 2 years for filming and post production.At the end the film is just remembered for the hair style of Aamir Khan.The idea of Heera Bai (Rani Mukharjee) romancing with a historical hero had created an uproar and seen as an attempt to tamper historical facts.It was also the first time when Aamir shed his clean-shaven look to sport a big mustaches and long hair.


Saawariya could not be a right launching pad for Ranbir and Sonam

The debut film for both hero and heroine is good in romance but not in the storyline. The story didn’t click well in the Indian market. Sanjay Leela Bhansali disappointed after setting a high level with his previous films.


Faisal Khan , the brother of Amir Acted in Mela

Another bad day in Amir Khan’s history is the opening of this film. The throwback happened in the period from 1980-1990. It has stuck the cine industry and given a bad name to Amir.The film also had Faisal Khan - the younger brother of Aamir.Faisal was later on diagnosed with a mental disorder and there was a legal battle between Aamir and his father for his custody.

Jaani Dushman-Ek Anokhi Kahani

Papa Rajkumar Kohli tried to launch Arman Kohli  but the film failed miserably

This flop is from Sunny deol and Manisha Koirala. The expectation on the film is due to the explanation of the director as ‘a unique story’. The film was made as a launch pad for Arman Kohli.The multi star cast film also had Sonu Nigam - the well known playback singer. The fast drop in film's collection at the box office resulted in the film being declared a huge flop in just its second week.The film sealed all the hopes of Armaan Kohli's comeback in bollywood film industry.


Cleak by Manoj Kumar was a big flop in its times

Director Manoj Kumar has given the failure in the Indian film industry under the name of clerk.

Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aagaag_rgv.jpg

This film is expressed as the horrible movie from the viewers in the theatres.RVG messed the older successful version Sholay where Amitabh potrayed the role of Babban Singh having shades of Gabbar Singh.The pathetic movie was a disaster at the box office and claimed the title - worst remake Bollywood has ever seen by the critics.


Boom was Katrina's first film

Audience of this film did not like Big B dancing with girls of half his age. These drop out has been translated in to bad form in the movies.Katrina Kaif's first film failed miserably at the box office.The film with a lost story turned out to be a sleaze due to skin shows.One of the film critic even described it as soft-porn venture .

Roop Ki Rani Choron ka Raja

The most expensive movie became the alll time Flop

Roop Ki Rani Choron ka Raja (Beauty Queen and the King of Thieves) was a huge flop at the ticket counter.Boney Kapoor who had invested heavily in the movie suffered a huge loss.The film was dubbed as the most expensive hindi movie ever made.A rough estimate puts the budget of the movie around 9 crores.Trade analysts held the poor dialogues , weak music and storyline responsible for the debacle.