Classic Bollywood Stars Who Created Their Trademark Style

Style is something that creates difference between a common man and a superstar. We found many superstars who hoisted their flags of success on the top of B-town. But very few of them are still remembered as they could establish their fashion statements successfully and some of those were decades ahead of their time.

Sadhana Shivdasani (Sadhana cut hair style)

Sadhana's hairstyle was immensely popular and was inspired from British actress Audrey Hepburn

Sadhana Shivdasani is one of those rare Bollywood actresses who are always remembered in the hearts of millions of audience and will be remembered even after centuries. Sadhana Shivdasani had always filled up all her aficionados with lots of surprises by both her acting ability and charming looks. But one of the most discussed things about her look is her trendsetting hair style which she introduced almost from the very beginning of her career. Her ‘fringe’ hairstyle which she introduced in her very first movie ‘Love in Shimla’ is still followed by the designers even in the present days. She brought many creative hairstyles in her movies which made her a style icon of 60’s and no sooner it got popularized among the youth across the country.

Bouffant and Saree Draping Style by Mumtaz


Saree has always been the greatest statement of style for women on the soil of India. The popularity of this Indian apparel is stretched to beyond all the barriers and boundaries of different countries and continents across the world. Nowadays we can see women from Hollywood and even the glamour industries throughout the world making their appearances with sarees in front of the cameras. But the history of this typical Indian garment is dated back to more than thousands years ago and the Indian film industry is using it proudly on their women stars since the very early days of its journey. Before 1960’s most of the films in India misses the vibrant colors of the sarees as all the movies of that time were usually shot with black and white films. But the era of 60’s had brought new surprises for the audiences whether it is in color or it is in glamour and one of its brand ambassadors was Mumtaz. It was 1965 when ‘Ram aur Shyam’ got released and no sooner the sarees wore by Mumtaz in the film became the trends in fashion markets. In the later part she also mesmerized audiences with her great style and curvy body capped with beautiful sarees. To offer a tribute to Mumtaz, many garments and fashion companies introduced Mumtaz Sarees which were made in style that Mumtaz followed.

Dev Anand's Cap & scarves

Dev Anand  who created his unique style with mannerism , hat and scarf was often compared to Gregory Peck an american actor of 40'

Dev Anand is described among those rare geniuses in the world who took even his last breath as a star. He was known as an evergreen star in Bollywood who became a living legend and inspired millions of audiences with his styles. His signature style statement was mostly scripted by hippy caps, scarves, jackets and mufflers which were highly impressive for the young boys and promisingly attractive for the young girls of his time. His style statements and sense of fashion made him the biggest style icon of two decades of 50’s and 60’s. His smart and bohemian look rightly enhanced his on-screen romantic image which helped him to present the audiences some masterpieces like ‘Khoya khoya chand’,Abhi na jao chodkar’, ‘Jia o’ and etc. No sooner after the release of these films he became the strongest king of Bollywood industry and capped every other behind his aura. His amazing look with cap & scarves made the films like ‘Guide’, ‘Jwel Thief’, ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ and many others the precious gem of all time in Bollywood. Some actresses were heard having complains against Dev Anand as they thought that their glamour was being easily overshadowed by him. His fashion, mannerism, bohemian attitude was rightly followed by his acting ability which made him stood proudly among the greatest stars of all time in the world.

Bohemian Chic Style by Zeenat Amaan


Heroines of the Bolly town have always stayed at the center of curiosity and attraction for the rest of the world. They have always indulged new trends and circulated new fashion statements in the markets which inspired the young generation girls like anything. It is quite evident that before Zeenat Amaan Bollywood audiences had never heard or confronted the term ‘hot chic’ or ‘bombshells’ but this actress moved and broke all the set ideas of beauty and Bollywood. She established a new definition of glamour and beauty with her boldness and acting ability. She never expected an image of her as a well known ‘house keeper’ or ‘nagging’ kind of a girl which Bollywood audience had ever received. He presented her acting ability packaged with all sort of bohemianism behavior. ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ and ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ had brought her all success she ever craved for and took her on the throne of the Bollywood queen. Her pair with the bohemian superstar Dev Anand in films like ‘Heera Panna’ and ‘Warrant’ are still considered as cult movies in Bolly film world. Her trendsetting style and fashion statements are still found followed in these days of films also.

Oversized Sunglasses and Dhaka Topi by Rajesh Khanna


It is believed that the Bollywood audiences are the craziest fans across the world and it is still hard to assume what is running in their minds. For this reason only Bollywood market is considered as the most surprising one among any market all over the world. But it is also believed simultaneously that they never get failed to judge the real gem and that is why the real talents survived here through the ages. Rajesh Khanna is definitely one real gem among them who redefined the meaning of a superstar in Bollywood. People still discuss about his cool styles which had mostly followed by his well known Dhaka Topi and oversized sunglass which were never seen before his appearance. His signature style statement with these two attributes made him a strong contender to be the next superstar from his very first movie i.e. ‘Aradhana’ and the rest is a proud history.

It is rightly said that every person has their own identity. Whether you are a normal person or a celebrity, each one of us is bound to be different from the others. We may have our own personality and identity, but it is the Bollywood stars that gain lot of attention from their fans. Fashion has been in the trends since classic days and these stars simply made their style statement to a whole new level. The classic age of Bollywood has seen these stars in their trademark style and motivated millions of fans to follow their trends right from their time till today.